About Future Doha

Our Building Structures and Specifications

  • We have available 386 Rooms with an area of 16 sqm/room can easily accommodate 4 persons
  • Each Building has 56 Toilets and 56 Bathrooms
  • Air Conditioned Mess Hall (including table, Chairs)
  • Every Rooms and Mes Hall having vinyl flooring
  • A wide area of sharing playround (1000 sqm)
  • 72 sqm washing area with washing machine
  • Free Water, Electricity, Sewage and Skip facilities
  • Separate facility for prayer

Based on customer request we are providing ou camp with Fully Furnished, Semi-Furnished state.

Here we have manly two offers in front of you

Kindly find the Below Offers and decide your choice

SL No Fully Furnished Semi-furnished

16sqm Room made by sandwich panel and gypsum board with 4 Cots, 4 Cupboards, 4 Mattresses with Bed sheets, 4 Pillows with cover, 1.5 ton A/c, Water cooler and Washing Machines

16sqm Room made by sandwich panel and gypsum board with 4Cots, 4 Cupboards, 4 Pillows with Pillow cover, 1.5 ton A/c, Television, Refrigerator Water cooler and Washing Machines

Other Facilities inside the Camp area:

  1. Hypermarket facility for day to day purchases
  2. Saloon facility for Hair cutting
  3. Extensive and calm camp.
  4. Interlock paved 12 meter corridor.
  5. Covered by boundary walls and guard by 24 hour securities.
  6. Easy access to Dukhan road and Qatar mall.